Is having a loan worth it?

Those who accompany us know that we are adept at investment platforms that can represent innovation financial institutions. We have shown the evolution of our investment in several platforms, such as Meltons, LoanInvest or Upper. However, in this article we are going to tell you about Renato’s experience of website capital gains. This site of which […]

Bank Loan for Farmers

It is a common dream of all individuals to have their own home. However, due to the fact that this situation is a bit costly, individuals are unfortunately lagging behind these dreams and may have difficulty buying the house they want. At this point, banks offering home loans to the citizens come into play and […]

Which Loan Project Would You Support?

Help for Africa So far, I have signed a loan of € 5,000, up to 5%. For our project in Nigeria we can use another 5,000 € (so we could pack the container to the edge) Creating new cultural opportunities Dear donors, I want to bring my dream of own theater to a step closer. […]