Consumer loans can be requested by private individuals and used in most cases at leisure. Consumer credit for consumption purposes are also offered by Great Lender: With us you receive your desired amount quickly and without bureaucracy.

Definition: What is a consumer credit?


Consumer credit is usually a short to medium-term installment loan, which primarily serves to finance consumer goods. It can be given by both banks and traders. In the case of dealer financing, consumer credit may be tied to the purchase of a particular product, and in most cases banks are not defined as intended.

For whom is consumer credit suitable?

For whom is consumer credit suitable?

Whether it’s an irresistible offer on a new TV or an urgent need for a washing machine: sometimes you need to spend more than your own budget. If you do not want to be able to do without the purchase in such cases, you can still use a consumer loan as an option. Consumer loans are available to all consumers who have the required credit rating. They are, if assigned by the bank, not tied to a specific purpose. Consumer loans, for example, are given to employees, the self-employed, freelancers, retirees and students.

Who grants loans for consumption purposes?

Who grants loans for consumption purposes?

Consumer loans can come from both the house bank and the retailer itself. The house bank usually gives consumer loans as normal installment loans, although different terms such as personal loan or instant loan are common. Lending is primarily used by the trader as a sales promotion measure. He therefore has an interest in selling his goods, rather than lending as lucrative as possible. Therefore, many traders offer so-called zero-percent financing in the form of promotions. However, customers should keep in mind that the cost of capital will be recouped elsewhere – for example, over the product price.

There are consumer loans at Great Lender without any hidden costs. Our loan calculator gives you information within a few seconds on which interest rates are to be expected. If you need your money fast, we can arrange a withdrawal in 60 minutes. By the way: Great Lender also lends to people with medium credit. Thanks to the low risks associated with short-term loans, even consumers with a moderate Schufa score can fulfill one or the other consumer demand with credit! It is not even necessary to specify a purpose.

Credit at leisure

The consumer loans of Great Lender are not tied to any purpose. So it does not matter which dealer you want to buy your product from. Take advantage of this freedom for comparisons without being tied to the terms of a dealer financing. What you want to do with the money Great Lender leaves to you alone!

Consumer Loans Online Compare

The most expensive consumer credit is always the one that was applied for without comparison and virtually without “looking”. The Internet offers a wealth of consumer credit offerings, so every application should be preceded by a careful comparison. This is exactly what Great Lender has at his disposal, an easy-to-use loan calculator that does not withhold important information. In addition, credit inquiries at Great Lender are basically Schufa neutral! So do not worry about your base score and carefree ask your consumer credit!

Benefits of consumer credit with Great Lender

Benefits of consumer credit with Good Lender

1. Free loan calculator

Our loan calculator is easy to use and presents you the desired information after just a few seconds.
All you have to do is set the loan amount and the term using the slider and you will be shown the total amount to be paid including interest.

2. Schufa-neutral inquiries

Usually, credit requests are forwarded by the banks to the Schufa and stored there for one year. These data can have a negative effect on the base score and thus the rating of your creditworthiness. However, Great Lender does not forward this data and your request is completely Schufa-neutral!

3. immediate payment

Many providers advertise with her, only Great Lender really manages: The immediate payment. Do you need your money especially fast? Thanks to the video identification process (webcam required), we will do the verification within a few minutes and will pay you off in just 60 minutes!