Is having a loan worth it?

Those who accompany us know that we are adept at investment platforms that can represent innovation financial institutions. We have shown the evolution of our investment in several platforms, such as Meltons, LoanInvest or Upper. However, in this article we are going to tell you about Renato’s experience of website capital gains.

This site of which we have read the experience

This site of which we have read the experience

Renato’s performance at Meltons was 10.75% in 2018, in a portfolio characterized by short-term loans (less than 12 months) and short-term personal loans. From what we read about this site of which we have read the experience in Meltons has been equivalent to ours, perhaps a little more cautious (for example, we have not yet placed restrictions in the term, having longer average terms).

Luckily it has a higher rate of return than we do

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Renato’s experience with us must be older than ours but the conclusions are similar. Renato, after some time to disinvest, has reconnected his tracker. Luckily it has a higher rate of return than we do. What we have seen is that interest rates on new loans have fallen sharply, so we will soon close our account on this platform and divert the investment to other platforms.

With interesting interest rates

With interesting interest rates

LoanInvest is another platform where we have an open account and where we are investing, with interesting interest rates. The capital gains started to follow this platform in March and is at the current rate of 11%. As we mentioned here, we suggest that you follow this path. Renato has invested € 150 and is experimenting.

As you can see, there are some good experiences with P2P lending platforms but it is important to always keep in mind that none of us make an investment recommendation. So you should be aware of the capital risks and read the conditions of each platform and only invest if you know what you are doing well. Otherwise do not invest …

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